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   The Drifter Leather consists of a team: Callie, Christianna, Maria and Garifalos. We are a small family business with tons of love for what we do! Callie is a photographer and graphic designer, Christianna is a musician and their mother and father, Maria and Garifalos, have over 20 years experience on shoe industry.

   We decided to work on a project kind of old-fashioned. To hand craft shoes that are comfortable, sustainable made on custom measurements, respecting individuality, human body's nature and valuable materials that sometimes are thrown away due to mass production.
   The heritage we carry goes three generations back. Our beloved grandmother and Maria's mother, was a very talented modiste back in the 60's. Our grandfather, Garifalos's father, was a really creative cobler who also produced shoe designs. In memory of the people who taught us everything but also in memory of "The old times" when craftmanship was an everyday reality we decided to make a line of ethically produced shoes. 

Everything you see arround our shop is hand-cut and sewn! The Drifter team owns the creative proccess from the patterns to the photographs. Most of our designs are limited and when restocked, we usually offer new editions featuring new colors and textures. We always use excellent quality materials, trying to recycle as we seek for leather that was put asside. We never purchase it in lots and we utilize pieces to create our small collection of accessories.

   For all the above we are very passionate about arts and crafts and this shop is a great challenge for our imagination. Our studio-showroom in Pylea, Thessaloniki used to be a garage and as all garage bands do, we are jamming with our ideas. Our designs are the product of unity, cooperation and heritage. Hope you enjoy our collection!...

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